Got problems? We have answers! Tell us your dog training challenges and we may pick your story to talk about on an upcoming podcast episode.

Here is the information we want to know:

  1. Provide us with a description of the training challenges / behavior issues you are experiencing with your dog.
  2. How old is your dog?
  3. What breed / breed mix is your dog (if known)?
  4. How did you acquire your dog (breeder, rescue, etc.)?
  5. Any known medical conditions?
  6. Tell us about how you exercise your dog. How long and how often do you walk your dog?
  7. How does your dog walk on leash? Any pulling or reactivity?
  8. What does your dog do when guests arrive in your home?
  9. What kind of tools are you using (leash type, collar or harness)?
  10. Tell us about the training you have done with your dog.
  11. Is your dog crate trained?
  12. Does your dog have a bite history? If so, please elaborate.
  13. Tell us about your dog’s meal time.
  14. Where does your dog sleep?
  15. How do you correct your dog?
  16. Can you easily take food or toys from your dog?

Please email your information to Bridget. We will reach out to you if we select your submission for a podcast.

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