Bridget Murphy

Bridget Murphy

Bridget is the co-owner (along with her hubby, Ray) of Koru K9, and High Risk Deployment Police K9. Her passion for behavior training started while rehabilitating her own dog, Luna, who Bridget describes as a “hot mess” when she was rescued. It was Luna’s severe fear aggression that led Bridget from purely positive methods to a balanced approach. Her training style is one that is motivational, with an emphasis on building the relationship between the dog and its owner, as well as breaking down behavior to the most minute of details. Bridget operates a company that teaches dogs not to bite, but her real passion with her own dogs is teaching them to bite! Bridget and Luna, who is no longer a hot mess, work together in sheep herding. Though, these days Luna is more interested in napping. Bridget and Cairo, her 3.5 year old German Shepherd, have achieved their PSA (Protection Sports Association) PDC, and PSA-1 title, and are actively training for their PSA-2. She and Ray also have a teenager Czech import German Shepherd, Voodoo, who is working with Ray to prep for PSA. However, Voodoo’s primary goal is to terrorize the house cats.

Samantha Lee

Samantha has a wealth of experience in the animal world; her path started post college obtaining her Natural Horsemanship Certificate and working at a performance reigning horse ranch. When she relocated to the Bay Area, she became the general manager of a large dog daycare and boarding facility and created their dog training program. She has always had a passion for continuing education so she attended National K-9 in Ohio earning her master trainer certification. Her experience in the dog training world includes training service and therapy dogs; as well as scent detection and personal protection dogs. She specializes in behavior modification, advanced obedience and puppy foundation and development. Samantha and her first love, 6 yo black lab Tucker, have competed in obedience, rally, agility and have done quite a bit of service/therapy work together. Today, Samantha is a Malinois mama and competes in competitive obedience with her first Mal, Savannah and is currently training in PSA with her other two girls, Vixen & Sloane.

Kareena Moore

Kareena Moore is a Certified Master Dog Trainer who graduated from Tarheel Canine in Sanford, North Carolina. Her love for dogs, and more specifically working dogs, started when she got her cattle dog, Po. She experimented with Po and his herding capabilities out at the ranch with horses, and that then led her on the road to North Carolina to attend Tarheel Canine, specializing in training of police (and pet) dogs. After graduating Tarheel’s Master Trainer program, she moved to Chicago, Illinois, and apprenticed under the highly respected dog trainer, PSA competitor and judge, Jonathan Katz. While she was there she worked with rescued, and abandoned senior dogs, and dove head first into the world of sport dog training. When Kareena is not busy training her client’s dogs, she enjoys training her own dogs, of course! She and her Belgian Malinois, Vici (aka Cheech) earned their PSA PDC in 2018 and are actively working towards their PSA-1 and beyond. She is also working with her Belgian Malinois puppy, Revel, in protection work and obedience.